From Shooting Up on the Streets To Shooting Film at DVC: The Journey of Dylan Johnston


Tristan Shaughnessy, Editor

As an ominous bell tower gongs behind a black frame, the subject of “Empty Pockets”, Dylan Johnston, introduces himself. 

“My name is Dylan. I’m 33 years old, and up until two and half years ago, I was homeless, hopeless, and addicted to heroin,” he says.

The three-minute documentary, produced by Erin Teevans, Brianna Tancioco, Blake Patchin and Dylan Johnston in Professor Sahra Bhimji’s intermediate filmmaking class, takes a brief look at Dylan’s recovery – and his rediscovery of purpose – after years spent homeless and addicted to drugs. 

The video has been embedded in this article, and we at The Inquirer invite you to watch it.