After Yearlong Delay Due to COVID, Social Justice Mural Unveiled at DVC


Diablo Valley College students inspired by recent social, political and cultural movements have created a new mural that was unveiled as part of Social Justice Day 2021, in collaboration with the DVC Social Justice program and the DVC Art program.

The new art is located in the Commons, next to the ALC Student Center building on DVC’s Pleasant Hill campus.

“The goal is to have a transformative impact on our college, surrounding community culture and students who have become engaged, informed, and active in their communities,” said Dr. Sangha Niyogi, a professor of sociology at DVC.

Photo from DVC Art Gallery.

DVC art graduate Coco Leeper, along with other art club students, began working on the “Social Justice Mural” project  in early 2019. The mural was scheduled to be completed the following spring, but the team hit a speed-bump once COVID-19 arrived.

The project sat dormant for about a year during the DVC campus closure.

Arthur King, who oversaw the safety of students working on the project, returned in 2020 to clean off, apply sealant and have the art piece hung in time for Social Justice Day, which was held last December.

The event to unveil the mural included a reception on campus as well as virtual events and speakers from the Contra Costa Immigrant Rights Alliance.

“It was really special to get to be a part of that DVC event with the completion of the mural,” said Hopi Breton, a DVC fine arts professor who assisted in faculty support.

Funding for the mural was sponsored by a donation from the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College.

According to Niyogi, the DVC students’ artwork reflected a spirit of solidarity against oppression of various forms – individual, interpersonal, institutional, and structural.

“The Social Justice Mural invites us all to come together in unity to embrace racial equity and harmony, to build a future as vibrant as the image, and to bring healing and justice to our community,” she said.