Buzz: What do you think of the new traffic light by the overflow parking lot?

Madison Curtis, 21, business administration.

“Causes backup down the road around 9 a.m. but it’s safer for the pedestrians.”


Jose Flores, 21, computer science

“It’s terrible! You should see the lines of cars in the morning.”


Joseph Robertson, 19, music engineering

“It’ll stop the bogarting. It’ll regulate the flow of traffic. It’s safer to cross with the stop walk signals.”


Lizzie Giddens, 21, psychology

“Easier for the cars. We have to wait a little longer but it doesn’t bother me.”


Malachi Oliver, 20, computer science

“It feels way safer, it causes more traffic but as a pedestrian you don’t have to worry as much about drivers hitting you.”


Emily Mentink, 20, health

“I’m all about street lights. I think they can be a little slow but if they make everything safer.”