Robbery suspect arrested

Shannon Sorrell ()

Shannon Sorrell ()

In the photograph, Shannon Sorrell, 18, looks like other first-year DVC students – young, pretty, long hair falling over one eye.

But this is no ordinary shot.

Sorrell was photographed during her booking by Antioch police after she was arrested March 9 on the DVC campus in connection with an armed robbery last month at the Metro One Credit Union in Antioch.

Sorrell is accused of driving the getaway car in the Feb. 25 robbery, which included four other suspects, among them a teller at the credit union who pretended to be a hostage and helped to organize the robbery, according to an Antioch police press release.

In addition to teller Daniel Ramsey, 20, and Sorrell, those arrested include Angelo Leyesa, 21, Jerett Sermon, 19, and Kevin Taylor, 18.

Antioch police declined to provide any information on whether those arrested were still in jail this week or released on bail.

The same bank was robbed approximately a year ago while Ramsey worked as a teller. After witnessing the crime, he began hatching his own plan to rob the bank, investigators said.

Leyesa of Antioch helped Ramsey to plan the robbery, and Sorrell was hired to be the driver of the getaway car, police said.

The actual robbery occurred at 5:52 p.m. on Feb 25 when two men wearing ski masks dressed in all black entered the credit union brandishing handguns. According to bank personal, Ramsey was held at gunpoint and ordered to open the bank’s vault. He then filled a bag with approximately $74,000 and the gunmen fled into residential yards behind the bank.

Leyesa, who backed out two days before, waited as a passenger with Sorrell in the getaway car. The two gunmen jumped into the trunk of the car, which then sped away, police said.

No employees were injured during the commission of the robbery, police said.

A search using police dogs and a helicopter was unable to locate the suspects, but officers did find a glove, believed to belong to one of the suspects, and a packet of $20,000 in a nearby yard.

Of the $54,000 that was stolen, only $22,000 has been recovered. Police have determined that some of the remaining money was spent on “a car, a gold grill [jewelry worn over a person’s teeth], stereo equipment, alcohol, marijuana, motorcycle parts, clothing, and bills and debts,” according to the press release.

After interviews with witnesses, police were able to uncover the link between Leyesa and Ramsey and soon arrest and search warrants were obtained for all suspects, police said.