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Guest opinion piece – Rise up against fee hike

Tuition fees have gone up $6 this semester, and will go up an additional $5 next semester because of the unfair budget cuts brought on by the economic recession and a state government which chooses corporate interests over education.

This will adversely affect not only the domestic students, whom the fees will be imposed on, but will also create chain reactions that will lead to Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) cuts as well as fee hikes to the international students.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is forming a campaign against these hikes/cuts. Through solidarity with faculty and students across campus, we are organizing to fight hikes/cuts with collective action, such as participating in an ad-hoc committee with the Associated Students of DVC known as Affordable California Community College and protest!

We want to encourage others to rise up and fight with us.

SDS stands against imperialism. We demand equality for all, we demand no more cuts on human services and we call for ecological sustainability and justice.

The Inquirer‘s article “Budget Cuts Hit Neediest” clarifies the issue of hikes/cuts.

This information should raise the consciousness of students and student-workers to the resolve necessary to fight back.

 We say fight back, because this is an attack on the services we depend on and thus our very livelihood.

If you are interested in taking a leadership role in the struggle, we invite you to our meetings. Our meetings are at 3 p.m. Wednesdays, Room 118, in the Liberal Arts building.

Students of DVC: Rise up and unite!


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Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan, Editor-in-chief
Editor-in-chief, spring 2012. Staff member, spring and fall 2011.

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Guest opinion piece – Rise up against fee hike