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ASDVC election results

ASDVC Executive Board election results are in. 

Katerina Schreck won the presidency for her second term in a row, coming in with 49 percent of the vote.  Keith Montes got 36 percent of the votes and Sophie Huang received 14 percent of the votes.

For Vice President for Executive Affairs, Kay Kim beat RC Lim with 56 percent of the vote.  Kim ran under the USDVC coalition ticket; one of two wins for the coalition in the election.

The UAID coalition elected members to all positions except Vice President for Executive Affairs and Vice President for Legislative Affairs, which was unopposed.

Risa Santoso pulled away with 55 percent of the vote to secure the Controller position over Yichen Ye. 

In the race for parliamentarian, Jacob Evan, the current diversity affairs officer, came in with 58 percent of the vote to win over Jason Zhao.

Schreck and Evan are the only current ASDVC officers who ran for another position.

Those who ran unopposed to secure positions were:

·         Vice President for Legislative Affairs  – Alex Silva

·         Secretary  – Nadia Fonny

·         Public Relations – Amit Randhawa

·         Activities Coordinator  – Hallie Kim

·         Diversity Affairs  – Tsung Hsun Lee

·         Environmental Affairs Officer  – Sean Dewoody

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ASDVC election results