Inquirer Podcast: COVID-19 Ripples Across the NFL, Trump Contracts the Virus, and the Approaching End of Fire Season


Photos courtesy of the Tennessee Titans, NASA Earth Observatory, and the White House.

Anthony Perry and Carter Herrera

Join us for The Diablo Valley College’s Inquirer Podcast!

In its second episode The Inquirer discusses some of the latest local and regional news, including speaker Boots Riley who spoke virtually at DVC Oct. 7. Hosts Anthony Perry and Carter Herrera discuss President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, impending National Basketball Association playoffs, and the fires roaring across California.

0:50 Boots Riley & Social Justice
9:30 NFL COVID-19 Outbreak
19:20 Trump & COVID-19
26:20 NBA Playoffs
27:20 Oakland Athletics’ Playoffs
29:10 California Fires Update