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DVC to gain an Alumni Association

One of Katerina Schreck’s top goals as newly elected president of the Associated students of DVC is to encourage people to join the college’s declining Alumni Association.

Schreck said this type of organization could raise money to support student services, such as creating an on-campus health center and helping to finance tutoring and sports programs.

 Although the Alumni Association is currently a work in progress, two DVC employees – DVC Foundation director Cindy Goga and administrative assistant Catherine Franco – are working on making it a reality.

The two women began contacting the Pleasant Hill area via postcards to see if they wish to become a part of the association.

Franco put up a webpage and has conducted a survey available on DVC’s website, asking potential members what services they believe the association should provide. Potential members are students who have completed 12 or more units at DVC.

“We are closely working with the Faculty Senate and Classified Senates as well as various campus departments,” Goga said.

The association is a way for DVC graduates to “stay engaged with that institution, its faculty and programs, in a variety of ways,” she said.

It will help current and future DVC students make “connections to past students who have valuable wisdom about employment, transfer institutions, career paths, etc,” she said.
Although there is no immediate fundraising goal, Goga said alumni would eventually be engaged in such efforts.

“The timing is good for the budget, because it will allow alumni to give to services that are highly impacted,” she said.


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DVC to gain an Alumni Association