News Brief: Garcia named permanent president


Peter Garcia (The Inquirer)

DVC announced formally on Monday that interim President Peter Garcia will be the permanent DVC President.

He will receive a three-year contract beginning at the end of his interim contract in spring 2011. Before being DVC’s interim President, Garcia worked at LMC for 25 years in campus administration.

“I call over to LMC and ask how things are going. The staff at LMC would say, ‘We miss you here, but things are good,'” Garcia said. “It’s bittersweet for me.”

He prides himself in the consistency of his work as an interim president and is excited about the depth and scope for the long-term appointment he has just received.

His general plan for the next three years at DVC is to be an integral part of the DVC community.

Garcia wants to continue to add the legacy of success at DVC and move DVC and the central county into a new era of success.

“For the future I want to continue learning as much as possible about DVC as a campus and as a community,” Garcia said.