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Schreck wins re-election

Stevie Chow
Katerina Schreck (Stevie Chow / The Inquirer)

As the final votes were tallied, Katerina Schreck was elected the ASDVC president for the second year in a row.

“It’s very exciting to be re-elected by the students,” said Schreck.

On being the ASDVC president, she said, “This isn’t a job, it’s a passion.”

Our student body president has many aspirations for the campus in the next year.

“I have a lot of goals; from extending library hours during finals week, to extending the library rental book program and trying to remove styrofoam from the campus.”

Student life on campus is always evolving and Schreck wants to keep with the times.

“We, at DVC could make a recycling program, which would help our recycling issue pay for itself. I want students to get involved in this issue. Whether it be in the cafeteria, Norseman, Crow’s Nest or the Basement Café at the Margaret Lesher Student Union building, recycling is an issue.”

Another major issue Schreck is trying to face head on is scheduling and classes getting cut, especially in the arts and theater departments.

“In the case for theater, a lot of the advanced classes have been cut,” said Schreck.

“It is a nice thought to have a music festival,” said Christopher Anunti, a student who is taking music classes at DVC.

“It would be nice to show off our music programs,” said Schreck.  It might also help with enrollment.

“Having more student participation within these subjects would help the students who want to continue to take these classes,” said Schreck

“I would like to get involved with this, but to have more than just musicians involved. We should include multimedia, the arts, theatre… all of the departments that have something creative to share with our campus.” Christopher Anunti said.

But it is less likely that she would try to collect a student transportation fee, which would have allowed students to ride County Connection for free between BART and DVC. When ASDVC looked into it, the cost was a glaring concern. Schreck said: “$12 a student seems like too much to ask for.”

Schreck was right, the students agree, $12 was too much to ask for.

Harry Purcell said, “Im opposed to paying money for the county connection. If you need to take the bus, it’s a good idea. But if you don’t need to take the bus, it is too much to ask for.”

Ashely Lloyd a student earning her AA in early childhood development had the same reaction, “I think we pay enough money coming to school for our classes and books, I don’t want to hear about any more fees.”

For the future, Schreck would like to see the campus grow further into the community. “This is a community college, not (just) a transfer college.”

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Schreck wins re-election