Chemistry Club snubbed by administration

Collin James

Students of the Chemistry Club are unhappy that their plans
to host a study session during finals season was disapproved by the school

The club was attempting to coordinate an event dubbed, finals café, that would bring students into a learning environment with faculty and tutors to prepare for upcoming finals.

Neda Othman, vice president of the Chemistry Club was enthusiastic about organizing the event.

“It’s the ultimate study group,” Othman said. “It goes with the goal of the college, to promote academic success.”

The student life office declined the chemistry club’s plan to host this event. They do not approve of events that take place during the week of finals because such events often interfere with studying. This all in spite of the fact that the event’s sole purpose is to be used as a study session.

After further appeals, the club was finally given approval to host the event, but denied any funding for refreshments.

They were asking for funding from student run organizations like ICC and ASDVC, and were denied funding from each of these organizations. The funding, which is going towards refreshments to encourage students to come and stay will need to be paid for out of the pocket by the students and faculty.

The Chemistry Club was naturally unhappy with the lack of support from administration.

At least five science instructors have given their full support of the project to provide open office hours to any students needing help in any of their science classes.

“Next semester we plan on doing this again, and if it is so successful [this] would benefit so many students. We deserve to be funded by DVC,” Othman said.