Bond measure reaches county voters this summer

Collin James, News editor

Contra Costa residents will vote on a bond measure this June that is will provide funding for construction project for DVC and other schools in the district.

The decision was finalized during a meeting between the chancellors of Contra Costa Community College District on Feb. 26 after the college governing board voted unanimously in favor of the bond.

Board member Greg Enholm called the decision, “a great step forward,” for the school district.

According to the Contra Costa Times, the bond is expected to raise upwards of $450,000,000 for Diablo Valley, Contra Costa, and Los Medanos community colleges. The funding will go towards a variety of future construction projects throughout the district, up grading class rooms, infrastructure and learning technology.

The bond is set to levy a $13 tax on every home in the county for every $100,000 that home is valued at. Passage of the bond will require a 55 percent approval from voters to pass instead of a simple majority.

The district’s communications officer, Timothy Leong outlined the districts reasoning for the bond in a press release on the district’s website.

“Contra Costa County voters previously passed facilities bond measures in 2002 and 2006,” Leong said. “And those funds have already been spent or allocated to projects under construction.”

Those previous bonds measures provided the revenue for the current construction projects seen on campus such as the cafeteria and the newly completed student services building.

The money from the bond will go towards a huge construction project across all five campuses in the district, including the San Ramon and Brentwood centers. The project will include modernizing or remodeling of the engineering center, the art building, and the science building.

In addition, the bond will expand access for disabled students by upgrading walkways and ramps in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Aging power, sewer and water lines will also be replaced with money allocated from this bond.

DVC’s president Peter Garcia is optimistic about the bond and the benefits it will bring to the school.

“This project envisions replacement and expansion of general use classrooms and office spaces similar to the liberal arts and faculty office buildings and replacement of the science center facilities,” Garcia said.

The bond will go to a vote on Tuesday, June 3. Any resident of Contra Costa county who is a registered voter may vote for this bond.

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