Success on the road ahead for Insite

Insite/WebAdvisor brings new tool to transfer planning


Courtesy of Diablo Valley College

The “roadmap” application is located on the left hand side of the welcome page when you log in to your Insite portal.

Tyler Elmore, Online editor

Insite/WebAdvisor has added a new tool to their home screen, which aids in the quickest route for transfer.

“Roadmap Planning” is a tool available for is for students to help streamline their degree, certificate and transfer progress through Insite/WebAdvisor.

It allows students to view all the sections of a selected class then compile them on a visible chart, where you can then register for  classes.

This is a new tool that is still being altered and developed, according to Beth Hauscarriague, the dean of Counseling and Enrollment Services.

“We partnered with the vendor from the beginning and have played a large role in the development of the product,” Hauscarriague said. “We have slowly released it with pilot testing to small groups of students for much of this last year but didn’t want to do broad advertising until we were confident in our delivery date to all students. During this last year, the tool has gone through four iterations and releases, so it’s continuously been evolving and improving.”

The link to access this application is in the left hand corner of the screen when you first log into your Insite/WebAdvisor account. When you click through it will take to you the opening page where you can see all the tabs and locations that you can navigate to within the app. Haurscarriague  explains that a tutorial on how to use the Roadmap is in development.

Dennis Franco, counselor and transfer services coordinator, said that the easy registration was his favorite feature.

“My favorite feature is the ability to register from the student’s educational plan,” he said. “This feature greatly reduces the amount of time it takes for students to register and is a simpler, more streamlined process.”

Franco believes that the fact that this application is user friendly and can guide students in the right direction when it comes to their educational plan may heighten the amount of traffic in the counseling office.

“The tool is really designed to be used in conjunction with, not independent from counselors,” he said. “We hope that students will continue to seek out guidance from counselors when developing their ed plans and see students checking in with counselors an important step in the educational planning process.  We anticipate that it may, in fact, increase traffic but are currently developing educational planning workshops to accommodate that increase.”

Alyssa Orlikoff, 20, says, “It seems cool, I like that you can see all the classes you piked on an actual schedule, it makes it easier for me to plan classes around my work schedule.”