ASDVC left without president until next semester

Tyler Elmore, Managing editor

With fewer than two weeks left in the semester, Associated Students of Diablo Valley College President Keith Montes resigned from his position.

Montes sent an email to all of the ASDVC executive officers, stating that he is resigning due to family and personal reasons. They announced it at the Nov. 25 ASDVC meeting.

Vice President of Executive Affairs Steven Wijaya will be acting as interim president until the spring election.

“It was overwhelming at first, fortunately the executives and board members have been of great assistance,” Wijaya said. “Finishing this semester would have been impossible without their incredible support.”

In addition to the open president position, the director of activities chair is vacant and will be open for election.

Student trustee Elijah Zinskin said there are quite a few board members interested in the president’s position. These positions will only open for already existing ASDVC members.

If no one is elected into the president’s position, it will roll over into the next semester when they would normally vote for a new president.

“It (Montes’s resignation) created some inefficiency,” Zinskin said. “But overall in terms of subjective value we have on the board, I don’t really think it trickled it too much.”

Though Montes has stepped down, he was still vocal in the ASDVC meeting on Dec. 2.

He constantly asked questions and offered advice to his fellow board members.

“If I can get everything worked out, I may consider running for it (president) again next semester,” Montes said.

While ASDVC hasn’t had a president quit mid-year in more than 5 years, they aren’t worried too much about the coming semester.

Starting the first week of next semester, ASDVC will be holding info sessions around campus so students can understand what happens within student politics.

“It will be challenging indeed to do so,” Wijaya said. “However, with a collaborative effort across the board, I believe we will pull it through and start even stronger.”