ASDVC elections show big changes

Tyler Elmore, Co-editor-in-chief

In a landslide victory, the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College elected a new president, Kevin Tian, on Feb. 11.

This special election was only available for students who were already in ASDVC to run.

After previous president Keith Montes stepped down last semester, the body was left without a president for almost a month in a half.

Montes decided to run again, but was defeated 25 to 12 by Tian.

Tian was excited for the opportunity to run. “I only have one semester left and I want to use my last semester meaningfully,” he said.

ASDVC also elected a new activities coordinator, parliamentarian and secretary in very tight races.

This many students stepping down from their positions only half way through the year is unusual for ASDVC, but students seemed to be optimistic.

In the end, Jackie Bueno was elected secretary, WeiHao Xia was elected activities coordinator and Daniel Humphrey was elected parliamentarian.

With such new leadership it will be interesting to see how the transition will affect the rest of the semester.

Their meetings are held weekly from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Student Union conference room.

See the minutes from the meeting as well as election results here.