Anti-abortion demonstration proliferates at DVC


Katharine Hada

Women’s empowerment DVC protests the right to choose Sept. 22

Tyler Newhouse, Staff Member

Anti-abortion organization Project Truth’s demonstration was met with vehement protest by pro-abortion rights DVC students, Tuesday afternoon.

Crowds of people gathered around members of Project Truth to debate their points, with students sometimes having to yell to either be heard, or try to make their point. Set up next to the demonstration was the Women’s Empowerment club, who protested by holding up signs, debating and offering free condoms to students passing by.

“Abortion is legal. I believe that it is a woman’s right to choose,” Andrea Corrigan, president of the Women’s Empowerment club, said. There were about two dozen people by the Student Services building where the demonstration was being held.

Project Truth’s primary goal, as stated by John Edgar, member, is to change the hearts and minds of people when it comes to abortion-rights.

“It’s not a political thing, it’s a humanity thing,” Edgar said, “We’re trying to show the humanity of the unborn child, and the inhumanity of abortion.”

Edgar, in his third year with the organizational, said that Project Life has been traveling to college campuses for six to seven years, and has been to college campuses over 200 times.

Part of the reason students and faculty alike were offended by the demonstration was the vivid images of aborted fetuses on display and in the open, often blindsiding those walking through the quad.

“It’s super graphic. I think its disgusting that they would be allowed to show these images like this,” Sabrina Larez, vice-president of the WE club, said. “I think it would have been better if they just set up a table and passed out a pamphlet,” Larez said, “or if they set up a viewing tent.”