Fiorina takes on the issues

Presidential Candidates Hit the Hurdles

Nik Wojcik

Election Day 2016 may seem like worlds away for any normal person, but the presidential hopefuls aren’t wasting a single moment in trying to set themselves apart from the crowd. A lot can change before our date with the ballot box, but, as of now, these are your front runners and how they feel about issues that matter to you.

Carly Fiorina
“New Possibilities. Real Leadership.”

61, Republican, Secretary to former HP CEO, born in Austin, TX

Student Debt: Fiorina blames Democrats for nationalizing the student loan business, calling it a “racket,” and condemns the left for the rules and requirements they’ve placed on college accreditation. She wants to “return” the free market to the student loan industry and believes that we should encourage growth of for-profit universities in order to create more educational diversity.

Immigration Reform: She supported a government shutdown to oppose Obama’s immigration-related executive action but opposes comprehensive reform. However, she did support the DREAM Act back in 2010. Her official stance as a candidate is security of both the north and south borders by way of technology vs. the proposed wall that Trump is championing. Fiorina draws a solid line on immigration in general, applauding Arizona’s tough laws and dismissing any path to citizenship for the current illegal immigrant population.

Military Engagement: “Finally my degree in medieval history and philosophy has come in handy because what ISIS wants to do is drive us back to the Middle Ages, literally,” said Fiorina in town hall meeting held in New Hampshire. She may be the only candidate to lay out details as to how she’d handle ISIS if handed the authority. In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, she clearly stated that her method to combat ISIS would be to offer support to our allies like the Kurds, Jordanians and Turks without putting U.S. troops on the ground.

Civil Rights (BLM/LGBT): Fiorina has recently denounced the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision as “law of the land.” Although she has been accused of back peddling on her previous LGBT views in order to please the GOP base.

Fiorina told Megan Kelly that Democratic policies are to blame for the diminishment of black lives and that “that the abortion industry targets African American communities.”

Planned Parenthood/Abortion: She has been very public about her strong opposition to Planned Parenthood and recently created a media storm surrounding a graphic video allegedly portraying a Planned Parenthood abortion and recorded discussion about harvesting the fetus’s brain. The video, created by the Center for Medical Progress, was since debunked: the scene Fiorina described didn’t actually exist and the Center’s founder, Gregg Cunningham, couldn’t actually confirm that the footage was recorded at a Planned Parenthood. Regardless, her fervent criticism of the organization has made her a champion for the anti-abortion movement.

Drug Policy: She has stated that she wouldn’t enforce the Federal ban on marijuana in states that have legalized use, but doesn’t go as far as to support legalization itself as her policy. She instead focuses on destigmatizing treatment and decriminalizing abuse.