DVC plaza to demolish McDonald’s


Will Nevin

Sun dried plaza sign on Golf Club Road paralleling the DVC parking lot.

Will Nevin, Staff member

After forty years of operation, Diablo Valley College plaza shopping center is undergoing a huge transformation from a free DVC overflow parking lot, to a modern shopping destination

Once the Safeway and K-mart supermarkets left the plaza center a few years ago, hundreds of empty parking spots became notorious for students to find an oasis away from the official DVC parking lots, which can be riddled with heavy traffic.

CarMax is preparing to renovate the empty K-Mart building and surrounding parking lots, while McDonald’s plans to move into the closed Carrows building on Contra Costa Blvd.

The Pleasant Hill City Council recently loosened many previously held zoning restriction laws to allow CarMax to be the city’s first car dealership and install a massive 64 foot retail sign visible from highway 680.

“There is no correlation between the size of a sign and better marketing or advertising. It’s a shame. The city is not focusing on students but rather focusing on surrounding communities with disposable income,” says Charlie Shi, Professor of Business Administration. Professor Shi also details his concerns over favorite student locations that have moved or closed completely within the DVC plaza.

“International students were able to walk across the street and go to the International Education Center where students could engage within the local community. The IEC has moved across the highway in Concord somewhere.” 

Mark Waugh, 24, nutrition major, describes how McDonald’s moving locations could allow other local restaurants in the area to experience more business and exposure.

“In & Out, Chef Burger, and Kinder’s can all benefit from more exposure if McDonald’s moves closer to other popular McDonald locations, one in the mall and another down the street.”

Students have been graced with beautiful graffiti green laced chained fences that surround the entire property, waiting to demolish the McDonald’s left outside and see what new tenants the city approves next.