The pressure of college acceptance is unnecessarily worsened by outdated policies

Tara Tashayod, Staff member

Overflowing planners, running from this end of the campus to the other just to meet the never ending requirements that transferring asks of you.

DVC makes the transfer process perhaps easier than any other community college. But even still, community college students are attempting to meet all the last minute classes and requirements to the list of CSU are never ending.

CSU campuses ask for transcripts to be sent up to three times throughout the course of the application review process.

Which means waiting in the long lines in the Admissions and Records Office of every community college campus you have attended, three separate times just to pay more money to accommodate to the school. In the meantime of all of this hassle, accessing individual websites for their specific requirements and to do lists adds to the stresses.

There should be a more productive, and efficient way for schools to be get the information they need while taking account of the pressure on students.

We live in an electronic world where simplicity is at our fingertips.

I think the same way that we can apply to all CSU campuses on the CSU Mentor website, students should be able to have portals linked through one universal source as well, so notification regarding requirements and documentations can be made easier.

The CSU campuses should all get together and come up with an efficient and updated site in which every school can list their requirements and prospective students can turn in their information to schools in an unstressful matter.

There are many students who feel that the requirements and paperwork needed are too difficult to keep up with.

Kaitlin Lowe DVC student who just transferred to CSU Long Beach said, “Honestly harder than getting all the right classes every single semester at DVC was sending in all this additional information to every school I applied to. I was just trying to study and make it to transferring, but always found myself having to do other stuff for the schools to hold me back from meeting my actual class requirements, so glad it’s finally over.”

Clearly, the separate deadlines, and individual requests made constantly by these CSUs are really stressing out students all over campus.

There are so many pressures in the lives of a pre-transfer students from academic, to work, to individual university requirements.

The process can be made so much simpler and more efficient, but the change needs to be made to prevent frustration and overwhelm with students.