The Buzz: What do you think of President Obama’s free community college plan?

Inquirer Staff

What do you think of President Barack Obama’s free community college plan?


Angad Singh Padda- 21 Business

Angad Singh Padda, 21, Business

“This would be great because many of my friends have to work multiple jobs just to afford college, and this would be a great weight lifted off their shoulders.”


Chris Harper, 20, Political Science

“I believe this plan is good for the economy because it will increase enrollment, increase the amount of graduates/transfers from the community college system and in return is a great investment towards our national economy.”


Sarah Pardo, 19, Studio Art

“I think it is a great idea, community college is a great resource for a lot of people; I think that for a lot of people who want to make the big investment in their education, keeping the costs low is essential.”

Lauren Flint- 19 Undecl.

Lauren Flint, 19, Undecided

“I think that if you want to experience higher education, you have to pay for it.”


Dieudonne Brou, 27, Sociology/Psychology

“I think it’s great, but I’m more concerned for after the two free years. Will the UCs and state schools raise tuition?”

Isae Dolan, 19, Forestry

“Might be cool to get free school for a bit.”


Kate Tayyeb, 20, English

“If it was in affect right now it would affect me, but as of right now I am transferring.”


Marck Menke, 44, Art Digital Media

“I guess I’d be eligible. Certainly something that would be a good idea.”


Ajia Adair, 20, Psychology

“Well to be honest I go to UCSC, but by having more students going to a community college in a democratic community would impact me very well.”


Whitney Ihezue, 21, Psychology

“Awesome. It will be how it used to be.”


Amaka Nwokochah, 19, Sociology

“It’s cools. It gives more opportunity to more people.”


Irina Lukban, 21, Environmental Science

“Seems very beneficial but at the same time it might be problematic.”