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Letter to the Editor: College is also about personal connections

Dylan Koller

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Hello, Thy Fellow Student

Whether you’ve been at DVC for awhile or this is your first semester, we’re in the opening weeks of the Fall and teachers are forcing you to do those awkward introduction exercises. Whether you find them uncomfortable or not, the good thing is you’re integrating.

Though these exercises feel silly and forced, it’s important to remember that the college experience doesn’t have to just be about the piece of paper we receive at the end that says “I DID IT!” Many of us will be making connections this semester that will last for years in either our personal live or our business lives.

Many of us have come to believe that the purpose of college is to get your degree so you can put yourself on a desirable career path, but the truth is, many of the people sitting in your classroom right now are the connections you’ll need later to further yourself a long this road called life.

I know it can feel difficult at first to connect with people when you’re forced into a situation where we have to be with one another, but if you really think about it, how hard is it to look at the person closest to you and say “Hello, thy fellow student!”

Talk to you soon!

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Letter to the Editor: College is also about personal connections