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Letter to the Editor: On behalf of Emily Stone

Nancy Deason, Faculty Member

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It is indeed deeply troubling that anyone from our DVC community would write racist graffiti anywhere on campus. As a faculty member and as a human being, I am sick to my stomach that this has happened here, that it happens anywhere.

But I must say, The Inquirer has practiced poor “journalism” in reporting this story. In the March 14th article “Concerns Voiced at DVC Listening Circle” the author, Pavlina Markova, took a cheap shot at Emily Stone, Dean of Student Support Services.

Apparently, two students at the forum saw Dean Stone texting during the meeting with the implication she did not/does not care about the hateful graffiti aimed at our students of color, that she does not care about our students from underrepresented groups at all.

But let me tell you, I’ve worked with Dean Stone for many years and she is probably the biggest champion of social justice you will ever meet. This is a person who cares deeply about racial equality and inclusion. I get that students of color are angry, and students are angry that we as faculty and staff have not done nearly enough to create a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment here at DVC. I understand that students would want to lash out at administrators; but please, Emily Stone does not deserve such criticism. She is an ally!

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Letter to the Editor: On behalf of Emily Stone