Letter to the Editor: Another colleague defends Stone

Sara Larkin, Faculty member

Editor’s Note: This is the second letter The Inquirer has received from staff this week regarding the article published March 14. The Inquirer stands behind our story and the events described, which were corroborated by students, Inquirer staff members, and the faculty adviser. Stone has not personally reached out to The Inquirer since the article’s publication. 

In the article from March 14th, the listening circle, I am asking that the Editor redact the statement about Dean Emily Stone, or issue an apology to her. The article misrepresents her, assaults her values and appears biased in nature given she wasn’t even interviewed by anyone at that event.

I can attest to Dean Stone being a long standing champion and ally for both marginalized/underrepresented students and students at large. She cares deeply about standing against hate, and standing up for human dignities and equity.

Dean Stone was the main administrator coordinating the charge of events for last week. She reached out to many key folks on campus, working tirelessly to make it happen quickly. She stayed in constant contact with the team and others insuring the events/people involved were supported well. It was extremely important to her to be present at the listening circle and she was.

I was one of the facilitators of that event (Program Coordinator, Student life) and when I introduced her she made herself known, and was not making light of the situation as the article suggests. The person(s) reporting, at minimum, could have inquired with Dean Stone about the comments made giving her an opportunity to address any alleged actions. This article comes across as an attack and creating more campus divisiveness. We need to be working together to combat hate and intolerance, not fanning the flames.