Letter to the Editor: Parking at DVC needs to change

Jane Doe, Guest writer

It is not a secret that many students complain about parking trouble at DVC and the prices of the parking passes. We see the numbers 22,000 students and only 8,200 spots but we fail to realize that not all 22,000 thousand students are attending at the same time. Imagine how campus would look if 22,000 students were on campus at the same time. The Peet’s coffee line would be out the door hitting Golf Club Rd. In addition the next time you are in class, look around and see how many students are absent.

We also have to acknowledge that the average cost to go to attend DVC for a year is around $5,054 dollars and compared to other community colleges surrounding us is concerned to be cheaper in price. The average cost to attend Chabot Community College is $5,141 dollars, with semester permits costing $40 and fines being around $35. Average cost to attend Laney is around $8,801 dollars with semester permits being $20 dollars and day permits being $2. The big idea is that DVC provides cheaper education than surrounding community colleges and while still having similar prices for parking passes.

I understand why residents in the surrounding area of DVC can be upset at the fact that students are parking in their neighborhoods. However, these students are just trying to get an education and the community should be willing to share parking for students that are going to contribute to society. We should not be punishing those attending DVC obtaining an education, as education is a higher priority than parking issues themselves.