Letter to the Editor: Power shutoffs and fire impacts

Jiayang Xing, Guest writer

Editor’s Note: This story was addressed to The Inquirer on Oct. 28. 

Last week was a very painful week. Wildfires in California, aided by historic winds, are spreading across the state. Meanwhile, PG&E has shut down power in many areas to control the spread of the fire. Even many areas and issues mandatory evacuation orders, resulting in the highways being crowded with vehicles. This has a great impact on our school.

As students of community colleges, most choose to live further away from here as there is no place to live on campus. Although, the electricity at DVC is not off, many students have no power in their homes, it is a difficult time for them, especially in order to get to school on time, these students cannot move to other areas.

The DVC campus was also affected by the fire. A number of Viking students who live 0.2 miles away from the school smelled burning and Northridge students who live 0.3 miles away from the school also had burning dust in their homes. The air quality is very poor.

This is no longer a matter of an individual person, the situation has become ver serious. As of Sunday evening, more than 3,500 students had signed online applications seeking closure. I hope you will reconsider whether you can close the school.