Letter to the Editor: Global Warming needs to be discussed now

Yualiang Lyu, Guest writer

I believe global warming is a significant issue not only for the whole world but for everyone, including myself. So I’d like to give you some resources about this issue.

As we all know, global arming has always been a major issue in the United Nations general assembly. Almost all countries agree that the world is indeed waning. From the perspective of my own, global warming should not be measured in economic terms and should not be linked to any political factors.

First of all, it could lie in the fact that people can directly feel the impact of global warming by their bodies. In recent years, the average temperature in summer has been much higher than that in previous years, especially for some middle and high latitude regions.

Secondly, according to research by WMO, which pointed out that from May 2014 to 2019, global sea level has risen by an average of (five) millimeters per year. If it continues like this, the sea level will rise faster and faster. The mist immediate result of rising sea levels could be more land Weill be swallowed up by the sea in the fitter so that tens of thousand of people will be relocated.

Creatures in the north and south poles like penguins and polar bear will lose their homes or even become extinct. In addition, human health will also be greatly threatened. Diseases such as malaria and dengue fever could spread to mid-latitudes in response to global warming because such bacteria and viruses are more likely to survive and reproduce in a warm environment.

Last but not least, the impression of global warming on agriculture is going to be enormous as well. The yield and distribution type of food crops will be greatly affected by temperature changes and water changed by temperature. The balance of current world’s stability and distribution of food will be extremely broken if global warming continues.

In a word, stopping global warming is an urgent issue that everyone around the world should participate in from the start to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions from now on, instead of regretting it when the arts is too serious to be done remedied.