Exposed to Judgement: The Digital Way

Dylan Koller

The digital age is a complex era full of benefits and consequences. A click of a button can connect millions of people globally and although exciting, this vast network can also be devastating.
Recently, I began posting rap videos under the pseudonym, Keebz.

Expecting just a handful of views on Youtube, one can imagine my excitement at receiving my first comment.

That feeling quickly transformed into dejection.
As a writer living in Vallejo, I strive to honor my true voice, that of the employee, student and father, reflecting on my life’s tribulations, while offering encouragement.

The comment insinuated that, based on my appearance, I had no knowledge of hardship, only privilege. This is far from the truth.

In a time when people are quicker to judge than to support it’s important to become that positive voice. For just as easily as words can break the spirit, they can lift it too.