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Vikings look to secure a bowl game win at Modesto Junior College

Wide receiver Diante Jackson fights for extra yards after the catch. The Vikings beat Merced College 62-6 on Nov. 5. (Travis Jenkins/The Inquirer)

The DVC Vikings clinched a bowl game berth thanks to a 57-13 road rout against the Los Medanos Mustangs Nov. 12.

Vikings quarterback Joey Bradley, who had 2,952 passing yards and 25 touchdown passes going into the game, helped guide the Vikings to a 8-2 overall record, including a 4-1 record in the newly formed Golden Gate Conference, according to the Contra Costa Times.

Steady play from Bradley, wide receiver Frankie Darone, and a relentless defensive effort against Mustangs’ quarterback Juan Corral helped erase an early 6-0 LMC lead and secure a 34-13 lead over the Mustangs at halftime. The Vikings finished off the first half with four consecutive passes from Bradley before capping off the drive with a touchdown pass to Darone.

DVC tied the game at six in the first quarter after a punt return from the Vikings’ Kevin Moss put the team deep into Mustangs territory and led to an eventual touchdown run by Jalil Turner. The extra point was no good.

The Mustangs took a 13-6 lead before the Vikings tied the game on the opening drive of the second quarter after Bradley threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Roby Adan.

DVC scored three more touchdowns to close out the first half.

Both teams traded turnovers in the third quarter before Bradley threw a touchdown pass to Darone giving the Vikings a 41-13 lead.

The Vikings had an active section of fans at LMC, with one fan banging on his cow bell and yelling, “the rides not over yet, Vikings.”

The team was excited to advance to a bowl game.

“We’re just excited, since we’ve been working since spring,” said  Greg Wilson, All Golden Gate Conference wide receiver. “The hard work is paying off. We put up one of the best records since 1993 by going 8-2.”

DVC head coach Mike Darr agreed.

“It’s a fantastic reward for these guys,” he said. “They are very deserving [and] great guys to work with. They bring their hard hats every day in the class room, film room and weight room.”

The Vikings will play Modesto Junior College at Modesto on Saturday Nov. 20 at 1 p.m. This is DVC’s fourth bowl invitation in the past six seasons.

Wide receiver Michael Adan was ruled ineligible for the game against Los Medanos because he was ejected for making a racial slur during DVC’s 62-6 win over Merced College the week before.

Adan told an Inquirer reporter on the phone later that he did  make the slur.

“I guess the ref took that as a racial slur, but when it was said it wasn’t said in any type of racist way,” Adan said. “Every game we play in, people say the N-word all the time and the refs never say anything.”

Darr said he understood why Adan was tossed from the game, but also defended his player.

“The officials did nothing outside of the boundaries of the rules,” Darr said. “I think part of Mike Adan’s frustration was that it gets said on every play, but it’s not always consistently called.”

League rules require a player to be ineligible the game following an ejection. Michael Adan is, however, eligible to play in the Grafitti Bowl at Modesto Junior College on Saturday, Darr said.


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Vikings look to secure a bowl game win at Modesto Junior College