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Women’s soccer edges up with Ohlone

Exactly one minute.  That is how long the moment of silence was in honor of Patriot Day, and that was the only moment of peace during Tuesday night’s battle between the DVC soccer team and Ohlone College.

The 7 p.m. start led to 90 minutes of leave-it-all-on-the-field soccer resulting in a 1-1 draw at home.

The first half was very conservative, with both teams content to possess the ball and not taking too many chances.  There were very few shots on either goal, evidence of the skirmish took place in the midfield as each team worked hard to gain the upper hand.  Two minutes before half, Pamela Ramos unleashed a shot from outside the box that just went over the goal.

Then the battle really began.  The second half started with fast-paced action from both teams.  Ohlone struck first with a goal in the fourth minute after a quick breakaway.  DVC answered within in four minutes, but the goal was called back due to an offside call. DVC’s back was up against the wall.  The clock was against them, and the ball was just not bouncing their way.

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Coach Mullins said, “That is the beauty of soccer, you have to be in it until the end and have faith in one another.”  As the end neared, they adjusted their strategy and shape so more balls were played through the midfield. After 90 minutes, this strategy masterminded by Coach Mullins paid off. With two minutes of stoppage time extending the game, Magarin received a pass, evaded an Ohlone defender, and before pulling the trigger she was fouled.

“The team is counting on me,” thought Magarin while she lined up her shot.  From 35 yards out, a shot hitting the back of the net is seen as improbable though not impossible.

A good kick on the ball is called a good strike, and it has a certain sound.  A great strike, rare in a direct free kick, has something that transcends that sound into something you can feel.  Everyone felt it, as they watched in awe as Magarin’s free kick blasted over the goal keeper and into the back of the net to tie the game with ten seconds left.

“She came off the bench from the disabled list this game, and she was able to be a playmaker, draw the foul, and score the goal that tied the game,” from assistant coach Sam Liubicich, as she named Wendy Magarin player of the match.

This game tying shot came down to an unwavering effort, trust in every teammate to work hard for each other, and one amazingly great strike.

Their next game is scheduled away at De Anza College located at, 21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino, on Sept. 14. The Women’s soccer team’s next home game will be against American River on Friday Sept. 21 at 3:30 p.m. For more information on the DVC Women’s Soccer team, and to witness Magarin’s amazing strike, visit their Facebook page at:

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Women’s soccer edges up with Ohlone