Vikings water polo breaks winning streak


Vielle Arcani

Women’s water polo battles Sierra on Sep. 21 at home.

Nina Cestaro, Staff member

The Diablo Valley College Vikings were committed in their second home game this season, but lost in an astounding 13 to 5 match, which gave Sierra their eighth victory this season.

Jamie Wanket, team captain said, “I felt like we played well overall from the beginning into the first quarter.”

When asked what changed in the teams’ playing after the first quarter Wanket replied, “It was our confidence, and the mentality wasn’t there. We were as good as them and our heads just weren’t in it after they kept scoring in the 2nd quarter, it was like we hit a wall.”

Coach Donny Mata said, “They started off well going into the first quarter. At some point they lost confidence, lost focus.”

Mata stated the need to return to practice on Thursday to prepare for this weekend’s tournament where they play against four teams. As of Thursday, Mata wants the team to review fundamentals of water polo and make it their priority to stay aggressive. He has high hopes for the tournament outcome.

Gracie Bishop, goalie, viewed this last game as, “A good learning experience for us. In the first quarter we showed them how good we are. We talked to each other and have a lot to learn from this. The impact of this loss is that we now go into practice more focused, more open-minded.”

Coach Millington said, “Ah, we can’t win every game, we’ll continue to practice hard.”

The three players who scored points for Sierra Wednesday afternoon were: Carissa Johnston, attacker, number ten, who scored five goals. Megan Plank, number 9, who played utility and made three of thirteen goals, and Rebecka Robinson, two meter, who scored two goals.