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Ben Wood’s miracle shot

Photo courtesy of DVC Athletics page.

Photo courtesy of DVC Athletics page.

Photo courtesy of DVC Athletics page.

Jessica Gillis, Staff member

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After losing six games by four points or less, Diablo Valley College’s men’s basketball team was looking for redemption.

With seconds on the clock, DVC gained possession of the ball, and with one last desperation heave, sophomore Ben Wood nailed an almost 65-foot shot from half court and made it right as time ran out, giving the Vikings a much needed 63-61 win at Cosumnes River College .

Leading into the start of the play, there was a lot of frustration because the team has gone through so many close games this year. “As (the ball) came off my hand, it did feel good like it had a chance; it was a nice surprise,” said Wood.

When the ball first left Wood’s hands, even some of his own teammates did not think he had a shot.

To fellow sophomore teammate Steven Daily, the way Wood reached for the ball, grabbed it in a twisting motion, turned around and with his right hand, flung the ball as if it were a baseball or football, there was not a chance it would go in.

But when Daily saw the ball in the air, he had this feeling that it had a chance.


Freshman Anthony Haskett said, “I just stood there and was like no way did that just happen, then it hit me and we got all excited and we jumped on Ben.”

Wood has been playing basketball for 15 years and is now the captain of the team.

For him, that game was a really nice way to celebrate what has otherwise been a season with a lot of ups and downs.

With a shot incredibly hard to make and done by so few players, this one was certainly worth celebrating.

“I have been coaching for 40 years and I have not seen a shot like that in person…the reason he made that shot is because there is no quit in him, he’s a player,” said head coach Steve Coccimiglio.

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Ben Wood’s miracle shot