Here’s why you should care about spring training

Luis Lopez, Senior staff member

I myself have never been to spring training.

A round trip flight to Phoenix costs about $190 and the hotels are outrageously expensive.

But I’m not here to talk about my financial woes, and you aren’t here for that either.

Growing up, I learned to appreciate spring training for what it really is, baseball making it’s way back into our lives.

The sight of seeing your team suit up and play this beloved sport after months of having to watch bleacher features on MLB Network is a bright one.

Spring training is professional baseball at it’s most raw form.

I essentially like to see it as people getting together to play a pick up game to pass the time, except those people happen to be extraordinarily good at this game.

Spring training gives the fans hope too, albeit some false hope, but hope none the less!

Does a minor league player you’ve never heard of hitting 8 home runs in spring mean he’s going to be the league’s feel good story of the year?

Probably not, but it sure is fun to think about.

Yet that’s the point.

Spring lets you make your outrageous predictions and have some justification to it.

Go ahead, overthink those 14 RBI’s by your team’s 23rd best prospect.

Overreacting to Buster Posey hitting .126, that’s what makes spring training great.

It gives us a reason to talk and get excited about this great game, and after that bore of an offseason, we need that now more than ever.

Speaking of that boring offseason, it should make for an intriguing month of emergency signings and impulse buys for teams.

Considering a player like Jake Arrieta hasn’t been signed yet means he’s just an unfortunate injury away from a pay day.

To see when or even if these players get signed in spring should make for one of the most interesting spring trainings in recent memory.

Above all, if you’re one of those fortunate souls that actually take a trip to Arizona or Florida, enjoy it.

Take it all in, it’s the only environment where you can see all the stars you want to.

Spring training facilities offer minor league intimacy with major league players.

Only in Arizona would you be able to see Mike Trout, Kris Bryant and Clayton Kershaw all in the same day.

And only in Florida would you be able to see Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper and Jose Altuve all in the same day.

You’ll have half the league at your fingertips, so load up on baseballs and sharpies and take advantage of it.

Overall, just appreciate spring training.

Sure, Scottsdale Stadium doesn’t match the allure of AT&T Park, but there’s baseball to be played and that’s the beauty of it.

Editor’s note: This column has been updated from an earlier online version to reflect the Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez free agent signings.