Sierra defeats Vikings Volleyball in three sets


Isabel Villalobos

Pin hitter, Gabby Chase gets a block against Sierra College on Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018. (Isabel Villalobos/The Inquirer)

Isabel Villalobos, Staff member

The Diablo Valley College volleyball team got swept by the Sierra Wolverines in three sets, losing 25-10, 25-17, 25-21 on Weds. Oct 17, putting their record 1-8.

This is the fifth consecutive lost for the Vikings in the Big 8 Conference.

The Vikings came into the night with a game plan for this second round playing Sierra. DVC, who usually plays a 5-1 rotation, changed it to a 6-2 rotation for the night.

“We switched up our lineup this game to try and accommodate Sierra’s height.” said freshman outside hitter Olivia Hansel.

The first set started with the Wolverines leading 4-7. The Vikings couldn’t recover after they made the wrong sub for their 6-2 rotation. This resulted  them to go out of rotation, giving the other team a free point, forcing DVC to call a timeout 4-9. Due to the confusion from the Vikings making the wrong sub they couldn’t gain momentum the rest of set losing 10-25.

“We really just need to minimize our errors and learn to finish a game.” said co-captain Tida Twitchen. 

In the second set, Sierra kept the lead creating a big gap between the teams at 13-15. The Vikings had a blocking and digging error causing them to call a timeout 13-17.

Sierra stayed aggressive keeping their lead over the Vikings. DVC called another timeout at point 17-22.

“If you want to win this you guys need to dig deep and start believing in yourself, that’s all there is to it.” said head coach Jackie Ponciano Babb to her team.  

The Vikings couldn’t handle Sierra’s offense making three defensive errors ending the set 17-25.

“We are playing well in the 6-2 so we aren’t going to change it. We need to hit hard and smart,” said Ponciano the team. “Remember if you make a mistake shake it off and make it up in the next play.”

In the third set the Vikings and Sierra stayed closing having the score tied at 21-21. With the Vikings making a blocking error they called a timeout at 21-22. The Vikings continued and made two consecutive defensive errors forcing  them to use their last timeout 21-24. The game ended with the Vikings making  a blocking error at the last point, 21-25.

“We got it together as the game went on,” said assistant coach Ruthie Ignacio. “We just need to start the game ready to go now.”

The Vikings have a bye on Friday. Their next game will be away on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 6:30 p.m. against Santa Rosa.