The Buzz: How valuable do you think extracurriculars are to your educational experience?

Ali Lee and Shannon Richey

Bijan Mehdizadeh, 25, fine arts.

“They create discipline, work doesn’t stop after class, you need a way to motivate yourself to keep working outside of class.”


Cameron Bunting, 21, fine arts.

“It’s important to have a place to interact with fellow students outside of class over shared interests.”


Nassir Muhammed, 15, high school student.

“They’re a must! You can’t expect everyone to enjoy the basic academics. We need other outlets for enjoyment.”


Nina Ocanas, 19, undecided.

“I hate college. Extracurriculars bring something fun for me to enjoy while in school.”


Sydney Alexander, 18, bio for transfer.

“Very valuable. Everyone needs an outlet to get away from stress.”


Wen Sha, 18, psychology and filmmaking.

“I think they’re pretty helpful. You get to meet and interact with new people, and learn leadership skills.”