How the ASDVC Student Voice Survey Can Help Shape the College’s Future


Image by Tungilik, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Christo Savaides, Staff

The Associated Students of Diablo Valley College has been instrumental in providing some of the school’s most supportive programs. Thanks to this student government body, students have access to the DVC Food Pantry, which offers food to those in need at no cost, and the TimelyMD telehealth program that enables 24/7 access to medical and mental telehealth care.

Now, ASDVC wants students to complete a survey that will guide the creation of future services at the college.

According to Kevin Li, DVC’s vice president of legislative affairs, “This survey is the first step of a broader plan in ensuring the actions and objectives of ASDVC directly reflect the interests of our constituency.”

The ASDVC Student Voice Survey, which runs until Dec. 31, contains questions designed to get a better sense of student priorities.

The first part of the survey gathers demographic information, which “allows us to identify various interest groups throughout the student body, thereby ensuring we can represent the specific needs of as many people as possible,” Li wrote in an email to The Inquirer.

The survey also gives students the opportunity to share their thoughts about various issues of interest. For example, students are asked to address areas of personal concern including housing, transportation, and campus environment.

Students likewise are asked to highlight the social issues that are most important to them—from poverty to healthcare to discrimination. The survey also includes sections where students can respond freely about other concerns.

Finally, the ASDVC survey poses questions to better understand what the student body knows about the organization and the programs it has initiated—a way to gauge interest in the student government body and encourage more involvement.

According to Li, the survey gives students a unique chance to shape the future of their campus as they elevate their voice—and priorities.

“This survey would serve a vital role in charting our course as student representatives,” he said. “Not only will it tell us what issues students care about, but it will also provide us with the resources, information, and infrastructure needed to ensure maximum transparency between us and the entire student body.”

Students are encouraged to complete the ASDVC Student Voice Survey located at this link, and make their voices heard.