The Buzz: What is your dream transfer school?

Inquirer staff

“What is your dream transfer school and why?”


“UC San Diego, the campus is beautiful.”

~ Kafung Chim, 21, Business


“UC Berkley because it is popular.”

~ Michael Chen, 22, Bio Chemistry


“I want to go to Prairie View (in Texas). It’s a good historical black college; a better atmosphere. I want to pledge and get the full college experience.”

Nicholas Johnson, 20, Psychology.


“I want to go to UC Berkley because it is good quality, affordable. It’s worth it. It makes sense for me. I’ve looked at private schools and they are so expensive. Plus I have to worry about living cost.”

Virginie Poetry, 19, Business


“I was raised on Berkeley, so it’s hard to say no to that,”

Jacob Wink, 19, Undeclared


“They offer my major and it’s really chill and really diverse,”

Nesha Williams, 18, Biology


“I always wanted to be in Southern California, and Dominguez State has a great Criminal Justice program.”

Oree Goodspeed, 18, Criminal Justice