The Buzz: If UC fees go up five percent how would that affect your transfer plans?

Inquirer Staff

If UC fees go up five percent, how would that affect your transfer plans?


Nate Chavez, 19, Computer science

 “I don’t think it would. College pays off eventually cause it’s an investment, and you really only get one shot.”


Marco Lam, 18, Engineering

 “It wouldn’t really affect me as I’m going to transfer to a state school anyways.”


Zeke Luna, 18, Pharmacy

 “It would be kinda hard on my family as we aren’t as well off financially. It really feels like it’s nearly impossible for people to get in.”


Egor Rose, 19, Media Design

“I wont be affected, but a lot of friends I know are going to UC’s. Many of them question where their money is going and where its being spent.”


Adam Harlander, 18, Undecided

“I’m not going to a UC as far as I know. It wouldn’t affect my transfer plans too much, but it still sucks for everyone else.”


Mayra Reyes, 18, Administration of Justice

“They shouldn’t raise our tuition just to get a better retirement. It just doesn’t help us in any way.”


Ricky Clark, 25, English

 “I have n0t had a lot of time to think about it. But in this day and age, degrees and majors are necessities. It’s a bit of a catch twenty one.”