The Buzz: What do you think of the new Commons Area?

Shane Louis, Co-editor-in-chief



“I think that a lot of the students can enjoy this big space.”

Ting Deng, 19, Accounting


“My feeling is mixed. It’s not very cohesive; maybe the idea is that students are mixed.”

Bang Wong, 27, Construction Management and Architecture.


“The maintenance crew deserves a lot of credit because turf is difficult to maintain.”

Cameron Smith, 24, Construction Management and Horticulture


“I remember DVC from before these buildings, and it’s looking bright for the future. If you can change the way the campus looks, it will help draw students.”

Samuel Ayoko, 21, Computer Science CSUEB


“It’s quicker to walk to classes, and it’s a nicer place to do anything.”

Leo Zhao, 19, Mechanical Engineering