Buzz: How do you feel about physician assisted suicide?

Erin Smith & Jung Min Lee, Staff members

Anastasia Karakoi, 18 Business

“I think it’s a good idea because people will have help.”


Emerson Lim, 20 Communications

“If that’s their own choice I think it’s a good idea, so they don’t have to suffer.”


Rebecca Cannon, 21 History

“I’m Catholic so I’m against physician assisted suicide. They have no right to meddle in the business and affairs of God.”


Kira McClary, 18 Media Arts

“I’m Christian, so I don’t believe in that. I’m not for it.”


Maddi Cashman, 19 Nursing

“Yea, I guess it’s a good idea. But I don’t have much of an opinion on it.”


Miranda Clary, 18 Asian Studies

“We should have it because we have rights for everyone. Their families don’t want to see them suffer. I get where they’re coming from.”


Finn Oyen, 21 Criminal Justice

“No, it’s not a good idea because people can still come back even when they aren’t likely to.”


Yuki Evans, 19 Music

“There are definitely two sides. If they’ve been living in pain, people around them might want them to keep trying, but if the only thing they’re living for is a new treatment, then what kind of life is that? But certain people might take advantage of it. It’s a hard decision politically and morally.”