The buzz: Where is your favorite off campus study spot? Why?



Charon Eaves, 19, psychology

“It would be Barnes and Noble because it’s peace and quiet. And there’s Starbucks right there so if you get hungry.”


Scott Yip, 21, nursing

“Starbucks in Benicia. It’s just the atmosphere; everyone’s focused on something which helps me focus too.”


Israel Fine, 27, Allied Health

“There’s Concord library. The community around the library is old people so they just read newspapers. No distractions, basically.”


Sarah Powell, 21, geography

“My living room, because I have a big house so it’s really quiet, and my mom just stays in the other living room.”


Jeremy Larson, 35, Neurosurgery

“‘Sweet Affair Bakery’ in Walnut Creek, because they have sugar and pastries that ups your glucose levels for energy. It’s peaceful and they also have booths.”