The Buzz: If you could choose one famous person to give a DVC commencement speech, who would you pick and why?



Marvic Domingo, 19, Mechanical Engineering

“Morgan Freeman because he’s got a dope voice.”


Jennifer Aragon, 21, Liberal Studies

“Martin Luther King Jr. because people always go back to his speech.”


Diana Torres, 20, Graphic Design

“Bernie Sanders because he’s making moves right now, he’s there for the college students.”


Richard Lane, 20, Undeclared

“Keanu Reeves is a great actor and he’s had a tough life.”


Risa Church, 19, 3D Animation

“Robert Downey Jr. because just from watching Iron Man, he gives speeches that make me laugh and he’s serious but not serious. He’s being himself while he’s in public and I accept that.”