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The Buzz: How did the shorter semester change affect you?

Emma Hall and Isabel Villalobos

December 5, 2018

(Isabel Villalobos/The Inquirer) "I was great. I had more time to play video games." Hector Cordero, 18, math major (Isabel Villalobos/The Inquirer) "Having the class change and schedule course change made things faster paced. Homework began piling up." Nikki Razvan...

The Buzz: How do you prepare for finals?

Max Miller and Phillip Cordero

December 4, 2018

"I didn't get too many finals this semester, lots of final projects." Axel Melendez, 18, Undecided "I study a little bit everyday." Maya Meza, 18, Early Childcare "I focus on the material that we went over in the beginning of the semester (because) that is the information t...

Buzz: What is the best or worst experience so far this semester?

Sean McKenna, Edwin Chen, and Gavin Rock

September 5, 2018

Sean McKenna "One time I was walking in the commons area and I saw a sign for free pizza." Har-ali Rizvi, 18, Theater Performance Edwin Chen  "My teachers are pretty good - they try to make classes easy for me." Michelle Lopez, 2...

The Buzz: How do you get to school?

Max Miller, Carolina Cabrera, Nichole Parkes, Jorge Elias, Phillip Cordero, and Michael Gutierrez

August 30, 2018

Carolina Cabrera "I can't get here on time.  There is a very set (bus) schedule." Andrelyn Mancera, 20, Biology   Carolina Cabrera "When you are out of cash it's hard, it's up to the bus driver to take you or not." Cesar ...

The Buzz: How did the new valet parking work for you?

Samantha Laurey, Emma Hall, and Isabel Villalobos

August 28, 2018

  Samantha Laurey "I would use the valet parking, but I would want to see the people [valet drivers] first." Kahlil Spain, 18, Digital Media Samantha Laurey "I would not use the valet service. It's concerning b...

The Buzz: What is the best way to study for finals?

Jessica Gillis, Staff member

May 14, 2018

Adam Fishbaugh, 19, economics "I look at the stuff and I understand it." Kincade Brookey, 22, undeclared "Go over work you did and corrections the teacher made if any." Jillian Varona, 18, feminist studies "Turn your phone off and just do it." ...

The Buzz: Why do you think Earth Day is important?

Isaac Norman, Managing editor

April 22, 2018

Avery King, 19, undecided "I'm a christian. I don't believe in worshipping creation but the creator." Isaiah Alexander, 19, communications "Brings awareness to the environment. We need to go about this as a community...

The Buzz: How would you feel if teachers would be able to carry guns in the classroom?

Jessica Gillis and Aaron Tolentino

March 5, 2018

Julia Forsberg, 19, education "I don't even see the point for people to have guns in the first place so for teachers to have guns it makes less sense." Brandon Hernandez, 19, geography "I don't think it's necessary a...

The Buzz: What do you think needs to be improved on campus?

Halie Spol and Jonathan Butler

February 14, 2018

Brianne Pelejo, 20, math major. "I think they should improve parking, more spaces."    Mariah Mousa, 20, architecture major. "They've already done what they can but obviously parking, it's crazy."   Desiree Usog, 36, addiction ...

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