The Buzz: Would you boycott the NFL if Colin Kaepernick doesn’t get signed?

Cole Jackson and Ryan Lee

Maria Tellez, 31, broadcast communication

“Colin Kaepernick should have a job; he’s a good enough player.”


Vince Wahn, 27, computer science

“Colin Kaepernick doesn’t play at a high enough level for the drama he brings.”


Caserra Alva, 17, undecided

“I’d protest. [Kaepernick] is standing for what he believes in and shouldn’t be judged on that.”


Joe Sullivan, 18, law

Kaepernick has the right to make his own decisions; the owners have [the right to make] their own marketing decisions.”


Jake Peralta, 19, business

“No boycott; he’s doing what he believes in.”


Dylan Modell, 25, nuclear chemical engineering

“NFL is like a religion to me because my family used to work for them.”