Buzz: UC Davis study concludes CC students less likely to pass online classes

Jess Parry and Dominique Smith


“It doesn’t surprise me, you miss the involvement angle. A huge factor is getting help from a peer group.”

Alex Oeth, 21, Natural Sciences


“I’m currently in a hybrid class, but for me personally being able to interact with the teacher is important. It can be easier to procrastinate, but people learn in different ways. [in class] Classes forces students to be involved.”

Warsame Mohamed, 19, Computer Engineering


“I have taken online classes, and I passed with the minimum amount of room. I would for sure back that statement, I put in as little effort. Especially during the summer with so many distractions.”

Nick Duncan, 20, Construction Management


“I don’t have online classes, but I could potentially see how that would work. Online you’re more likely to procrastinate, on Reddit or something. It’s less about the class and more about the environment.”

Cory Weu, 21, Environmental Sciences


“I think it’s all about the person, everyone has a different sense of responsibility, for me I pass all my online classes and I do less well in my in-class classes.”

Scott Fisher, 24, Civil Engineering


“It depends on the professor and the way they teach. Maybe the online class will be better, it really depends on the curriculum.”

Younghwan Kim, 22, Chemical Engineering


“I feel like they [online classes] are easier to forget about, life kind of takes over when you’re not allotting a part of your day to it. Something about the camaraderie of a classroom is motivational.”

Bri Byrne, 21, Psychology


“Basically, it depends on how determined the student is. Because it’s not in class environment, people may put it off. It also depends on what kind of learner you are.”

Edith Gomez, 22, Undecided